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Safety rules

Be sure you read and understand all the tool labels and operating instructions as well as the safety precautions and warnings in your owner’s manual before you to operate any tool.

Most accidents involving pneumatic tools are caused by failure to follow basic safety rules. Accidents can be prevented by watching out for potentially hazardous situations before they arise and taking appropriate safety precautions.

1. Read and understand your owner’s manual

Improper and unsafe use of pneumatic tools can cause serious injury. 
Please read the product instruction manual before using any pneumatic tool.

2. Always wear safety glasses

Fasteners and debris can be propelled toward the operator during operation. Always wear CSA-approved safety glasses that protect against particles and dust.

3. Trigger

Always keep your finger away from the trigger when not firing a nail or staple. Don’t leave your finger on the trigger. If the trigger is pulled unintentionally, a nail or staple will shoot out wherever you’re pointing. You or someone else could be seriously injured.

4. Never aim the tool at yourself or anyone else

Even if you think the tool is completely empty.

5. Keep your hands and other body parts away from the nosepiece of the tool

The nosepiece is the part of the tool where nails or staples come out.

6. Connecting to a compressor

Do not exceed the maximum recommended air pressure. Never use bottled gases. Use compressed air only. Disconnect the air hoses when not operating the compressor.

BEFORE using

  • Read the instruction manual
  • Choose the appropriate triggering method for your specific needs 
  • Check to make sure the switching mechanism is set correctly
  • Wear safety glasses
  • Never exceed the maximum recommended air pressure 
  • Never use bottled gases
  • Make sure the push lever functions correctly


  • Always take your finger off the trigger when not driving nails or staples
  • Never aim the tool at anyone
  • Keep hands and other body parts away from the push lever
  • Be careful of recoil and double firing


  • Disconnect the air hoses immediately

WHEN NOT in use

  • Never alter or modify the tool